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AdTroopers has been in business since 2009. We are still here and going strong.

We are making changes to insure you credits are only used to mail active members. That means better results for you.

Here at AdTroopers, there are over 13,500 members to read your emails

Every AdTroopers member is required to read some emails before sending emails. Even the Owners!

We constantly monitor the site to make sure live eyeballs are reading your emails. Not scripts, bots or cheaters.

Here at AdTroopers:

Free Members can send emails to members

Free Members can email their referrals

Free Members get monthly credits added to their account

Free Members get credits when their referrals click on emails

Free Members earn commissions from their referrals purchases

Free Members have their links in the downline builder

Free Members links are used on all ads on the site that their referrals see

Free Members links are used in emails from Admin to their referrals

Free Members links are on login ads seen by their referrals

When you get a referral, we follow up with them using your links from the downline builder to help you grow your business.

Along with that, we pay commissions on referral purchases weekly and there is only a $1 minimum in your account to receive commissions each week.

Get great responsive traffic to your site and get paid every week for promoting the site.

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