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Greetings Internet Marketing Warriors,

In case you haven't noticed yet, you've just landed on the coolest (and most retro-looking) safelist in the Galaxy.

AdTroopers, is a FREE, state-of-the-art, 100% credit-based safelist built BY Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers.

Everyone who signs up receives FREE advertising. Free Troopers (Ensigns) receive 25,000 free mailing credits to start plus earn 350 mailing credits for every ad link clicked (750 for clicking contact solos). Upgraded members can get even more mailing credits every single month.


Everything about AdTroopers is designed to make sure
YOUR ads and websites are seen by qualified prospects.

Compare AdTroopers with any other safelist and I believe you will find we are truly one of the very best. First and foremost, I know that safelist members want to get their ads and websites seen. What good is advertising if qualified prospects aren't seeing your ads and visiting your websites?

  • We never place banner or text ads on YOUR websites. When people visit your website on AdTroopers, they SEE your website. Period. You'll never see anyone else's ads in the header (top) or footer (bottom) of your websites. We simply won't sell them.

  • You'll never see header or footer ads placed in your mailings either. We don't sell those either. Only YOUR ads are seen. This is YOUR safelist.
  • AdTroopers is a 100% credit-based safelist. Our special credit links guarantees you that people WILL visit your websites.
  • You will have lots of ways to earn and receive credits so you'll be able to send your ads to every single Member, even if you're a free member.

But, that's not all by a long shot. Here's some more great reasons you need to join AdTroopers today:
  • Every single Trooper can place FREE text and/or banner ads on our site. Your text and/or banner ads will be seen on every page of AdTroopers.com!

  • All Troopers can send email to ALL other Troopers.
  • All Troopers can purchase Contact Solo Ads that will be sent to all active members Contact email address.
  • We use the absolute best, state of the art safelist script to administer our program. This script rapidly removes bounces keeping the system as clean as possible.
  • You'll receive fast and responsive customer support. We believe the best safelists are the ones that have the best customer support. Our goal is to make AdTroopers #1 in customer service.

There's much more too.

Great contests to win cash, credits and prizes, email lotteries to win lots of free credits and there will always be more and more exciting features added.

So, if you're looking for a really fun, exciting, profitable way to advertise and promote your businesses and websites, I invite you to become an Ad Trooper today!

Rick Katz, AdTroopers Admin

"I am having some great success with AdTroopers. The site is very active and many really read your emails."
David Foret

"Hey Rick,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate your good service.  There are literally thousands of safelists available to all us marketers out here, but rarely do I find one as responsive as yours is.
Keep up the great work!"
Mel Moore

"I am an extreme newbie.  i signed-up/started working w/five Safelists.  AdTroopers was the easiest to get going with for me and is my favorite so far."
Dave Dobel

"Rick, Love to do business with you guys. You are so responsive & in touch!!!"
John Miller


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